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Jerry the donut eating engine driver’s train is getting hijacked by high technological robots and the robots have killed his crew except for one guy who committed suicide. There is also a bomb planted by these robots in the middle of the train. This bomb will blow up if the train slows down. Like in that movie you know. Jerry now needs to collect tools to defuse this bomb. And he loves donuts and will need one sometimes.


You must defuse the bomb to win. To defuse the bomb you will need all five items. To get the items you need to kill Reddit-bots. To kill Reddit-Bots you need to throw coal at them. To throw coal you must first pcik up caol at the coal storage. At the same time you need to fill up the train with coal so the train don't stop, because if it does you will explode.


  • E to pick up coal (at coal storage)
  • E to fill up coal (at the front, if coal is picked up)
  • E to pick up donut (at the donut table in the back of the train)
  • Space to throw coal (if coal is picked up)
  • W to eat donut (if donut is picked up)
  • A & D to move

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Jerry The Donut Eating Engine Driver (Windows) V1.1 13 MB
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Source Code V1.1 17 MB